Guest Post: Where are the Masters, the Sages and Seers?

By Lou DiVirgilio

The great sages and seers, the masters of wisdom and compassion, belong to no race, and especially to no creed.  They are the children of the spirit, awakened men, whose familiar thought is truth itself; and hence their sympathies are universal.  They need no frontiers of race, of caste, of creed, of color. They are truth seekers, truth-teachers, that existed before the foundations of the mighty mountains were laid, ay, even before the sons of morning began to sing, to chant their hymns celestial.  For truth has no age.  It was never born, it never has not been.  It is timeless because universal.  Its appeal is to the hearts and minds of all men.  It matters not a whit from what part of the world a beautiful truth may be drawn; and hence when ever any human has so attuned their self to the whisper of the winds, and when the winds blow upon him and wring, then, for the time being and as long as he can hold his or her plane of consciousness, they are  one of the sages and seers, whether they are recognized or not; and this means you and me and all men, at least any one of us who may have attained this much.  

I know first hand that the Masters, Sages, and Seers, exist, and they never will over burden us, as long as we stay faithful to truth, by never abandoning truth, no matter in what form it is experienced.  This ask by the Masters, Sages, and Seers, is no small task, it takes the will power of a saint, to push back against those who will attempt even to entertain death to any and all who will not comply.  

My recognition is that the Masters, Sages, and Seers, keep a watchful eye over all humans who would called out sincerely for help.  I will tell you a true experience about my encounter with the watchfulness of the Masters.

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Guest Post: Beyond all the Divisions of Mind

By Lou DiVirgilio

I do believe that our world is now in a over anxious state, becoming over whelmed and thus, not being enabled, in anyway, to clarify the distortions.  However, I believe it unwise, spiritually and psychologically unwholesome to emphasize this, for it raises none to higher things, but depresses courage,  the courage to meet life and carry on in a higher nobler way.  This manner of thinking goes      beyond all the divisions of mind, for it is to see beauty in and behind things, see beauty in all human beings no matter their race; see likewise the ignorance and the ugliness in life, though do not let these latter depress you or discourage you.  There is no reason to lose our calm, or our inner peace, in order to become like those who are passion driven, and governed by prejudice.  Such an attitude will not help us or those who suffer.  We have it within ourselves to send into the world, thoughts of courage and hope and an optimistic looking into the future: that no matter what happens, our folly or infamy or infidelity to his or her’s inner god, to his or her’s spiritual essence, that there is always right and justice which will ultimately triumph over all.  The only thing that is sure, is to be that we are on the side of right and justice—- and let us not forget, that we cannot always judge by appearances. 

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Guest Post: The Force Be With You

By Lou DiVirgilio

The Force be With You.

Most people would recognize where that title originated from.   It originated, from the movie, “Star Wars.”  In the Star Wars vernacular, the force is used as the equivalent usage of the words, “divine-destiny,” and has a spiritual connotation of an enlighten, “spirit-soul.”  The force can only be evoked, by those who have been initiated into a “Jet I,”.   However, there are numerous path ways to spiritual initiation; as Patanjali, who wrote the “Yoga Sutras”, explains thus, “One truth, many paths;” with the key ingredients being spiritual integrity and divine manifestation of a spiritual nature.  What this means is that all human beings are, spiritually evolving into their spiritual heritage.  “Know ye not that ye are gods and the spirit of the eternal liveth with you?”

Gautama the Buddha, speaking to his disciples, reinforces and conforms our heritage, “Never let discouragement enter into your soul, see your suffering in the world, see your unhappiness and pain and ignorance, misery and distress which wring the heart; the stones, the plants, the beasts, all the component atoms of these, each and every one, aye, and sun and moon and stars and planets—-all in evolutionary future ages will become Buddha.  Each one will become Buddha.” 

What a wonderful picture of our spiritual heritage the Buddha has set before us.  How it quiets the heart and stills the mind; for if one atom, one man, become a Buddha, everything will, in this universe be rooted in that One; in it we will live, move and have our being.  Some day, somewhere in the incalculable aeons of what we call the future, all now in the multitudes of suns, and stars, planets, comets, gods, men and women, animals, plants, stones, atoms, elements, worlds, everything, each as individual, is destined for Buddhahood.

Thing’s G. de. Purucker—   “One truth, many paths.” Be good, do Good”

                                                           Louis DiVirgilio

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Guest Post: we are our own saviors and our own destroyers

We are our own saviors, and are our own destroyer’s.

Our heritage is we our selves.  Each of us is our own regenerator and savior, and each of us undo the work upon him or her self which in the past we may have been building. Is it not clear enough that, what we have is the result of our former lives, and resultant of our thoughts and feelings? 

We therefore, make ourselves; we fashion our own characteristics.  This is a commonplace experience within our lives as  human beings.  But just think what it means to grasp it in its fullness.  We can make our lives in which ever way we decide, day to day, and year to year and from life to life; or we can make our lives very ugly; and no one is to blame but we ourselves.  Think how just this is.  We have nobody to blame if we have made ourselves unshapely and ugly and full of sorrow and pain; and their is none to be praised when our lives become shapely and beautiful in symmetry through our own efforts, save we ourselves.  We by thinking, may change his or her’s character, which means changing our soul, which means changing our destiny, which means changing everything that we are or can become in the present and in the future.  Why blame the blameless gods for our own faults, for molding us in the patterns that we ourselves have shaped?  This is the surest way to go down instead of going up; for the recognition of truth and of justice and the cognizance of responsibility are the first steps to climbing the path higher.  Think of the mistakes we have made in the past, the wrongs that we have wrought on others and on ourselves.  Only half of that story is what we are responsible for ourselves. 

The other half of the story is what we have done upon others: how we helped to shape their lives in beauty, or to have misshaped their lives in ugliness.  This recognition of our responsibility not only to our selves, but to others, is the lost keynote of modern civilization which seems to be infatuated with the idea that things will run themselves, and that all we have to do is to get what we can from the surrounding atmosphere. This is a hellish doctrine, and whose only outcome can be misery.  Let us realize, that what we sow so shall we reap, and what we reap is the product of what we have sown.  The great consequence of such a realization is that the face of the world’s thinking, will have changed.

Each of us will become enormously observant, not only of our acts, which will establish proofs of our thoughts and feelings, but firstly upon ourselves and more importantly, the impact upon others. I believe, it is the lack of this feeling of individual responsibly and also mass responsibility in the world today which is the cause of the many horrors which are growing worse instead of better.  It fosters the belief that violence can right a wrong.  It never can. Violence never has perished by adding violence to it.  No problem ever has been solved after that manner.  It is against the laws of being, against the laws of things as they are.

So what is our human heritage?  Our heritage is we our selves, walking a tight rope of spiritual courage, and self-determination.

                                                   Thank you G. de Purucker.

                                             One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good      

                                                                  Louis DiVirgilio       

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Guest Post: the source of our longing

By Lou DiVirgilio

Due to the  unreliability of our senses, we are deceived into believing that our outward expressions will  somehow bring us fulfillment.  When these expressions are misrepresented as the cause, a great entanglement appears, not freedom.  The aim of every individual’s life energies, weather you realize it or not, is to touch infinity; even though you may be satisfied with where you are, at.  However, your life energies are longing to brake the boundaries set up by your physical and mental structures.  The out come of such decisions is that you start believing that you are a separate and autonomous entity.  

Nothing in the Universe is separate.  It’s our psychological and physical content that exposes the myth of separateness.  We are not, by a long shot, the masters of the Universe.  Remember, the effects of karma are still in play, which binds one to the body and determines many aspects about a person.  In truth we, are in a primary and original sense, a chip off the old cosmic block, or as Carl Sagan was found of saying, we are made of  “star stuff.”  Our whole being, atom for atom, is intimately tangent and networked throughout the breath of the cosmos.  We are the same “stuff” molded from a cosmic matrix into one of many possible forms.  In other words, we are the embodiment of the cosmos, and the same quality and same conditions as those required to uphold the cosmos are essential to each of us.  Giordano Bruno, a fifteenth century natural philosopher, explains our cosmic connection and relationship in the following manner:  “All things are in the Universe, and the Universe is in all things; we in it and it in us; and therefore, all things concur in perfect harmony.”  He continued, “All the differences that we see in bodies is in regard to their form, complexion, constitution, and other properties and relationships, which is nothing more than a different mode of the same substance, the unchangeable and eternal essence in which are all forms, constitutions and members, un-manifest and homogenous.”  So, in the whole universe there is a certain relativity of its parts, irrespective of the exact measurements of anyone of its forms.  

We are as musical tones resonating in certain proportional vibrations to one another.  If we keep within the proper proportion we create benefit for all others and for ourselves.  If we violate this harmony in any manner, we bring injury to all others and to ours selves. 

                                  One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.
                                                        Louis DiVirgilio                 

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Now~ a sort of poem about healing the mother wound


my mom greets me like a small child. Her eyes light up and she is filled with such love for me. 

This is what flowed beneath the layers of suffering that was my mom- that was our relationship. 

I hated her a lot. And I believed she hated me the same. 

We must be careful who we deem unworthy of love but worthy of hate and abandonment. We must not dismiss a family as dysfunctional or a person damaged and leave it there as if it/they held nothing else. 


I really know this.

For there were many necessary years I felt anger and betrayal- sometimes rightly so- and the only way I could function in our dysfunction was to protect myself. 

And yet, now…

I feel I am a good daughter for sticking with her- for staying in the process, the journey that is ours. 


I understand I needed to love her but couldn’t and wouldn’t and instead exchanged vulnerability for codependency (unknowingly of course). 


I continue to play this out within my marriage. 

And yet, now

I see the possibility that what flows beneath the wounds of my suffering might redeem me

Maybe not quite now but eventually. 

Guest Post: One general law and one common system of manifest rule throughout the universe.

By Lou DiVirgilio

We humans are the universal composites of all our cosmic elements, and therefore, in truth we are a microcosm, or little world in and of our self, and as such our very thoughts touch the outer limits of the most distant stars, and also with the tiniest of vibrations, touches those distant stars.  All things in universal nature are repetitive in structure and in action .  The small mirrors the great, and the great reproduces itself in the small, for in truth the twain is one.  “Know ye not that we are gods, and that the spirit of the eternal liveth within you.”  

You may believe that what we observe about where we are in our present developed behaviors, does not even come close to being god like.  What is more, our witness to our behaviors acknowledge that we chose to  live at the level of the animals, even though we have evolved further then the animals.  We however, cannot be excused because we have evolutionarily surpassed the animal’s level of instinct, and as such, have a solid foothold into becoming the highest technological species existing, now on this earth.  There is a caveat, this evolutionary component, although locked in, needs more tweaking, before it can operate at its full capacity; which means more time is needed, and in the mean time there is a steady evolutionary march forward.  Without taking into account the affect evolution plays within our solar system, one great part of our understanding of its mysteries will not readily become available to us: the Universe’s time movements are in sink with evolution. 

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In this moment…

I don’t understand why any of us are cruel 

It’s super bowl Sunday 

I drive to the store. Not for snacks, but for donuts and coffee. 

I think of my mom. Likely not an actual lover of football, although she claimed to love the Vikings. But more like just wants to be a part of life, of whatever is going on. 

Today she may or may not have the super bowl on. And if it is, she won’t watch. 

My mom has dementia. She sits alone—except on the days some of us in the family get to visit her. 

I reminisce about past super bowls. It was all a party to her. I cry for the woman she was. The woman I lost. 

I get my coffee. My donuts. I find when I get home, I don’t want them as much as I did before the tears fell. 

Walking through the front door of my home, I understand I feel, something I have noticed lately. I feel. Tears fall, and not from a place of pity for myself or cyclical suffering, but from somewhere real. 

Driving home from the store, I understand I can feel something other than what has come from a 33-year relationship (perhaps, we will get into that another time).

The year 2021— it said to me: I will be bittersweet. 

Already, it most certainly is 🌸

Guest Post: “The world is too much with us. Getting and spending we lay waste all our powers, little we see in nature that is ours.” “William Wordsworth”

By Lou DiVirgilio

Most of our living is at the level of our solar plexus.  This level of living coincides with our senses: seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, and tasting.  The trouble with our senses is that they are not reliable. For example, it is dusk and you are walking, your eyes see something coiled, your senses say it is a snake.  However, the truth is, it is a coiled hose.  Its not that all our senses deceive us, they do however, lack the consciousness to discern fully, and at the same time you might say there is a quality of ignorance about them.  Our senses do however, provide us with the capacity to maneuver effectively about our lower levels of  our lives, that is “the getting and spending” part, but at the same time, negatively disassociates us with Nature. 

The Buddhist keep the relationship between the, lower material aspects of our lives, and the spiritual part,  by simply dividing the outcome of living a material based life, against the higher spiritual. The basic difference is that a strict material, “getting and spending” lived life, brings suffering, while the spiritual lived life brings happiness.  Most people, if asked which they would prefer, would chose happiness.  However, our “getting and spending” way of life has been praised, culturally excepted, and built into the perceived best practice of life to emulate. It has been praised so positively, that it has become a compulsion, to the point that we cannot control it, it controls us.   Compulsion is cyclical, and loops us, so that the more we use it the stronger it becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to brake free. 

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Guest Post: The Dual Nature of Human Nature

By Louis DiVirgilio

The moment we decide to enter upon the path of spiritual realization we are enlisting in a great war, between ourselves and ourselves.  Than, once we the discovery that our human nature is dual, and that a battle is ever going on between our higher self and our lower self, we began to realize, that of all battles, this is the most fearsome and terrible.  

What is so fearsome, is that we do battle with opposing aspects of our selves-the light side and the dark side, and conflict comes not only from outside sources, but also from habits of mind, laden with deep and powerful emotions, caused by experiences from both this and past lives.  All these kindred aspects of ourselves confront and attack in a rapid, and continuous succession. 

As we enter the battle field within ourselves, we call forth and analyze our life purpose, our motives, taking courage to compare wrong things with the right things.  There sitting nose to nose with our truth, we do battle with our lower nature, and by subduing pain and pleasure, by unbending faith in our higher self,  we secure sacred wisdom.  Then we can wheel our sword of wisdom, and slash through the world of illusion to gain freedom from our own mortality.

                                                One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

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