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Want to talk? Have a question? I love questions. I say, if we are asking questions, there is hope for us to evolve and grow. If not, we will continue to be stuck. So ask away—anything. 

Here are some questions that have been asked:

From the Worry & Future Post:

Q:  I think it’s great advice but I struggle with “how” to let the worry go sometimes.

Investigate the worry….

A: How? This is THE question, isn’t it. I have known it to be a process. First to become aware of our worry. Then, to inquire. What is the function of my worry? What is its purpose? Sometimes, too we have to get sick of our worry. It has to bother us enough to want to look at it. As we do, we realize what a distraction it brings- how it keeps us disengaged from the moment and if we are disengaged from the moment, then what is it we are avoiding in ourselves, in our life? Another remedy to worry is perspective- what universal, spiritual, personal principals can we, or do we embrace? For me, after the accident, I saw clearly the Divine Order of life, and this has become my perspective.

It’s complicated and varied,  so no easy “how” answer can I give, but if worry is bothersome to you- there is a way through to a place in your self where you do not worry- at least as much and when you do, you have a perspective to reach up towards.

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