Cascade Trail

I’m not getting my life right 

She will keep destroying you until you see what you’ve done 

The Way Back Trail.... 
The Way Back Trail is more
Relaxed and refined 
There’s a calmness to it 
A way of knowing 
The steps slow 
The air breathed 
A smile 
I’m not trying to get anywhere 
I’ve been

A broken tree....
There She is again 
Within Her a touchstone
Circles of life that tell Her Story 
Unburdened now by life, 
A relic of her life 
For me to wonder about 
To receive a lesson 

Back to the Way Back Trail....
The Way Back Trail is a gift I hope all receive 
It tells you more about those layers, those circles within 
So many circles 
They accumulate 
It’s important to sit and rest along this trail 
And listen, feel, understand 
And say thank you 
And ask:
What do I need for my soul?
What does my deepest nature want?

~Nikki, The Soul Reporter

Let Your Desires Change You.

Source: Uploaded by user via Susan on Pinterest

I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie.” ~Rilke

I suppose I had a choice. But then again—maybe not.

My desires for a dream were strong. The dreams have not turned out as I had hoped. I sat in the despair, doubt and frustration of that…until recently.

In the years of following a dream, it was all I could do. The desires for certain outcomes were too strong. Looking back, it was almost as though all reason left me, and I have wondered what happened. It is good I have not continued to scold myself for what appears to be stupidity. Instead I trust I was not meant to stop myself from following the dream. I was meant to follow my desires.

Had I stayed with reason—done what is traditional—I wonder what would have become of me. I see a rigid, uptight young woman still living in fear. Although my dreams turned into many nightmares on this journey, I am left with something I would not have had otherwise.

It is what Rilke writes: I have been unfolded.

I trust the movement of my journey, and how it has unfolded. Reason was gone, and now it has returned. I now trust this, and move accordingly.

Follow your desires, and let the journey change you.

The Soul Reporter