There is a rhythm to every place. 
The rhythm here, in Puerto Peñasco, is seagulls and brown pelicans. 
It is ocean line receding and then swelling.  
It is white shells and expansive skies. 

Our schedule is wake up, stretch in the sun on the veranda. 
I make a smoothie, a cup of coffee. 
My breakfasts have either been fresh toasted bread with avocado or hazelnut spread with mango. 
I choose if I walk in the morning, afternoon or at sunset. 
Then it is pool time, we choose from the icy pool or the lukewarm and no matter what, the hot tub. 
Then it is time for dinner. We go to the same restaurant every evening because we don’t have a car. 
I think we’ve tried nearly every item on the menu, and I know I’ve brought back every dessert. 
I eat the dessert while we watch our shows. 
Then to bed with the sound of ocean waves. 

I of course, read. 
This is the first time I’ve written. 
I sometimes wonder am I relaxing, destressing, soaking all this in? 
Does it matter? I am here. 
It seemed impossible I could be, considering the care I’d been giving my dad and the status of my relationship. 
But I was determined and here we are. 
Experiencing a “slice of heaven” where there are no agendas, goals or achievements just another space with its own rhythm. 

~Nikki, The Soul Reporter