When Your Dream Boards Don’t Work—Laugh.


Me & Meg Ryan—Best Friends.


This almost had my daughter peeing her pants. We are going through stuff, and pulled my dream boards out of the back room where they have been parched by the hot California sun. My dreams are parched by that same sun.

From Toastmasters to Hit TV Show. Maserati. House on the Vineyard. Published books.

As my daughter would say, Big Whoop.

I’ve spent years reaching outside of my life for something more, something bigger. Isn’t that what all those happy, successful people tell us to do…? Live your best life they say and fill the airwaves with images of glamour and continual bliss and ease.

I’ve been through enough since chasing my best life to know it is now about reaching into my life and pulling out what is already here. No more reaching out, chasing illusions and someone else’s idea of what is a best life. Only reaching in, and letting it breathe and paint the way.

The Soul Reporter

Dying Dreams.

Source: r.ebay.com via Annette on Pinterest

I called PODS yesterday. I spoke with an interesting man. One of the things he said: dreams are dying for people. It seems ours did, and that’s why I’m calling PODS to move back home. But are our dreams dying or are just changing to better fit who we are now?

No need to answer here, as I am not looking for sympathy or advice. I know the answer. The dream is not dead. It is simply changing as we change.

I spoke with a friend recently. A few years back we were both in the same boat- especially financially speaking. He found a corporate job. I chased a dream. He seems to have found stablitiy. I found loose ground, and have been slipping ever since.

One of the pleasures of friends is they are mirrors into our own lives. I remember when I left to chase my dream, we both believed I’d find gold, or at the very least opportunity, which would prove risk always finds reward. I am going home with no gold. Or at least not the kind of gold I thought I might—the kind of gold that would ensure I’d never go back home.

I’ve been consumed with the brokenness of this dream, and when I spoke with my friend, it hit me again. But, I came through that brokenness quickly and landed in a place of no regrets. Actually, in a place where I am quite proud of what I have endured. I don’t know what any of it means quite yet, but someone recently said to me: This is all going to make sense someday, probably sooner than you realize.

I’ll keep you posted.

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