Guest Post: we are our own saviors and our own destroyers

We are our own saviors, and are our own destroyer’s.

Our heritage is we our selves.  Each of us is our own regenerator and savior, and each of us undo the work upon him or her self which in the past we may have been building. Is it not clear enough that, what we have is the result of our former lives, and resultant of our thoughts and feelings? 

We therefore, make ourselves; we fashion our own characteristics.  This is a commonplace experience within our lives as  human beings.  But just think what it means to grasp it in its fullness.  We can make our lives in which ever way we decide, day to day, and year to year and from life to life; or we can make our lives very ugly; and no one is to blame but we ourselves.  Think how just this is.  We have nobody to blame if we have made ourselves unshapely and ugly and full of sorrow and pain; and their is none to be praised when our lives become shapely and beautiful in symmetry through our own efforts, save we ourselves.  We by thinking, may change his or her’s character, which means changing our soul, which means changing our destiny, which means changing everything that we are or can become in the present and in the future.  Why blame the blameless gods for our own faults, for molding us in the patterns that we ourselves have shaped?  This is the surest way to go down instead of going up; for the recognition of truth and of justice and the cognizance of responsibility are the first steps to climbing the path higher.  Think of the mistakes we have made in the past, the wrongs that we have wrought on others and on ourselves.  Only half of that story is what we are responsible for ourselves. 

The other half of the story is what we have done upon others: how we helped to shape their lives in beauty, or to have misshaped their lives in ugliness.  This recognition of our responsibility not only to our selves, but to others, is the lost keynote of modern civilization which seems to be infatuated with the idea that things will run themselves, and that all we have to do is to get what we can from the surrounding atmosphere. This is a hellish doctrine, and whose only outcome can be misery.  Let us realize, that what we sow so shall we reap, and what we reap is the product of what we have sown.  The great consequence of such a realization is that the face of the world’s thinking, will have changed.

Each of us will become enormously observant, not only of our acts, which will establish proofs of our thoughts and feelings, but firstly upon ourselves and more importantly, the impact upon others. I believe, it is the lack of this feeling of individual responsibly and also mass responsibility in the world today which is the cause of the many horrors which are growing worse instead of better.  It fosters the belief that violence can right a wrong.  It never can. Violence never has perished by adding violence to it.  No problem ever has been solved after that manner.  It is against the laws of being, against the laws of things as they are.

So what is our human heritage?  Our heritage is we our selves, walking a tight rope of spiritual courage, and self-determination.

                                                   Thank you G. de Purucker.

                                             One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good      

                                                                  Louis DiVirgilio       

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