What’s underneath this madness? Devotion?

I cant see a future without him now that I’m standing at our death door. It was fun to play with the idea of leaving when I was still in a familiar hallway.

Now I am numb again. Familiar only to my pain, and not ours.

But it will return.

Rumi says, keep digging your well, water is there somewhere.

Is it devotion?

~Nikki, The Soul Reporter

Guest Post: The Force Be With You

By Lou DiVirgilio

The Force be With You.

Most people would recognize where that title originated from.   It originated, from the movie, “Star Wars.”  In the Star Wars vernacular, the force is used as the equivalent usage of the words, “divine-destiny,” and has a spiritual connotation of an enlighten, “spirit-soul.”  The force can only be evoked, by those who have been initiated into a “Jet I,”.   However, there are numerous path ways to spiritual initiation; as Patanjali, who wrote the “Yoga Sutras”, explains thus, “One truth, many paths;” with the key ingredients being spiritual integrity and divine manifestation of a spiritual nature.  What this means is that all human beings are, spiritually evolving into their spiritual heritage.  “Know ye not that ye are gods and the spirit of the eternal liveth with you?”

Gautama the Buddha, speaking to his disciples, reinforces and conforms our heritage, “Never let discouragement enter into your soul, see your suffering in the world, see your unhappiness and pain and ignorance, misery and distress which wring the heart; the stones, the plants, the beasts, all the component atoms of these, each and every one, aye, and sun and moon and stars and planets—-all in evolutionary future ages will become Buddha.  Each one will become Buddha.” 

What a wonderful picture of our spiritual heritage the Buddha has set before us.  How it quiets the heart and stills the mind; for if one atom, one man, become a Buddha, everything will, in this universe be rooted in that One; in it we will live, move and have our being.  Some day, somewhere in the incalculable aeons of what we call the future, all now in the multitudes of suns, and stars, planets, comets, gods, men and women, animals, plants, stones, atoms, elements, worlds, everything, each as individual, is destined for Buddhahood.

Thing’s G. de. Purucker—   “One truth, many paths.” Be good, do Good”

                                                           Louis DiVirgilio

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