These Aren’t Problems.

After experiencing several years of serious challenge and upheaval, I have been recently perplexed by those who think these are problems:

Scraping the ice and snow off the car windows in the morning.

The morning commute with said ice and snow (unless of course you spin out or get stuck).

Having to go to work and school.

Not having appetizers in the fridge if someone spontaneously visits your house. 

Almost having a car accident.

Considering I have no house, no car, no job at the moment, and have been in a car accident, I consider all of these nice “problems” to have.

However, I am sure there was a time I would have thought these were problems. I’m glad I am no longer that person. I have lost a lot, especially in terms of material comforts and security, but what I have also lost a lot of, a loss that I am realizing makes me feel like the richest woman alive is arrognace and ignorance.

As I continue to lose these, I am gaining the virtues of flexibilty, patience and compassion (although I have more to gain to have compassion for those who think that these are problems).

We all go through challenging times, but will we allow these challenges to change us? To strip us of our arrogance and ignorance so that we become more conscious? Or will we hang on to them, and continue to see little things as big things and big things as little things and not be changed?

The Soul Reporter



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