The experience: I had been feeling connected, alive and in love. Then I wasn’t. I went for a walk in the canyon and wondered what shifted. The night before I watched the movie, Black Swan. From the instant Natalie appeared on screen, I attached to her- opening me to her experiences and if anyone has watched Black Swan you know I was in for a dark, traumatic ride with her.

By the end of the movie, well actually toward the middle, I was STRESSED out. My daughter asked if I could at least appreciate the art of the movie. NO. I cannot see or feel anything beyond Natalie’s character. My bodily response was what it always is to stress, tense up, tighten up and disconnect. It’s like hey, there is something fucked up going on here, and I’m out. My mind doesn’t really know if I am actually going through it or not, or does it care, but…

I care. I wanted to feel connected again, especially as I walked in the canyon. Connection feels so good, and when I asked what shifted and I realized, I had ABSORBED the movie into my being, enough to cause stress, which made me vacate my body- then I knew I could easily connect again. Suddenly I heard the birds sing, the stream of water rushing and I could SEE the green trees and the blue sky.

The teaching: We absorb so much- music, movies, planetary changes, environmental shifts, other people’s energy and our own shifts and changes. We also absorb society’s beliefs, our family’s beliefs, the institution’s beliefs. Many of us are immersed in what we were taught as children. According to Bruce Lipton, most of our feelings and behaviors happen through our unconscious, which was programmed into us between the ages of 0-6. It is no wonder then we are feel so disconnected from our bodies, our souls, nature, and why we can’t feel much- of anything.

The most basic truth we need to understand about ourselves is, we are energy. We feel it. We absorb it. We are it. The other day, I shook our new neighbor’s hand. Immediately, I thought, this woman is intense. When I went home, and started to cook dinner, I was “off. “Once I realized I probably absorbed her energy, it released, and I was back to a more balanced state. When I massage my husband’s neck, I feel his anxiety and his tension. Sometimes I even begin to experience the pain he is. In order to balance myself, my body begins to yawn. It is the craziest thing, but somehow it works.

For a long time I think I have feared this transfer of energy. I’ve isolated myself because of it. I’ve had breakdowns because of an overload. Now I am learning to become curious of it. The more curious I am, the less I fear it and take it personal, the quicker I am able to move through the varying energies that seem to “disturb” my own.

Today’s Soul Tip:

Do you notice a transfer of energy? How? Are there strategies you use to keep your energetic space clear?  It is good practice to notice energy, and how we are connected, and to adopt the idea we are indeed energetic beings. 

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