Life is an Initiation by Louis DiVirgilio

As I reflect on the totality of my life up until this present time, I have become aware that it has been a continuous process of initiation.  At 11:23pm on, Sept. 24, 1943, after 9 months of preparation, I emerged into this world, on the Southside of Chicago.  This was my first initiation, unless you believe as I do in the continuous cycle of life and death, then this might have been my, for a lack of an accurate number, my millionth initiation.  Some where in my readings I recall that some one asked the Buddha about the number of rebirths he had had, his reply was, ‘If you take the remains of all my incarnated bodies and piled them one on top of another, they would stack higher then the tallest mountain.’  This reply sounds apocryphal, but it gives a vivid vision of the eminence period of time that life revolved upon this earth, and its infinite continuity


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