As you set out in search of Ithaka
Pray your journey be long,
Full of adventures, full of awakenings.
Do not fear the monsters of old…
You will not meet them in your travels
If your thoughts are exalted and remain high,
If authentic passions stir your mind, body and spirit.
You will not encounter fearful monsters
If you do not carry them within your soul,
If your soul does not set them up in front of you.
~Constantine P Cavafy

The poem above helped me through one of my darkest times, many years ago. It seems to be serving its purpose once more. However, this time I sense the times ahead not to be dark, but to be filled with light, and new meaning and purpose.
I realize I have not blogged in a while. Just as Bob Cratchit acknowledged, in A Christmas Carol, I was making rather merry with my family over the holiday. And just yesterday I lost my dear Aunt Rosemary, and will again be with family, but this time under different circumstances.
As some of you know, recently I wondered if I should continue to blog. Since then, I wrote two posts, and then nothing. I am not sure when I will return, but I sense there is something new in the works. I hope you will stay with me, as I allow this shift to occur, and soon appear. I sense it will be a good change. I shall see you on the road to Ithaka.
Make merry with yourself and your family this holiday season, however you celebrate.
The Soul Reporter

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