Glimpse Through A Sunroof: Increasing Our Inner Capacity

This glimpse through a sunroof tells a story. I did not know this when I took the shot. I only knew I just bought a new car and had pulled it into my driveway after saying goodbye to my mom, who was recently discharged from a hospital into a nursing home. 

Leaving my little mom who is, as she says, “not aging well” in a stark room, is that darker cloud hovering over the others. The other clouds are the week that had just ended. It was a week of juggling work, family, self-care, and my mom. The glimpses of blue sky are the new car and the experience of holding all of this while maintaining steadiness, stability, and even some joy.

This is the individual story. 

The larger, universal-soul story is we have tremendous capacity to hold any and all of what comes to us. Yet, many of us cannot because we are full to the brim, often running over, with clutter. The clutter is both internal clutter and external clutter. When we are filled to the brim with clutter, we are at capacity. When we are at capacity we do not run efficiently, and therefore, either do our lives and relationships. 

This used to be me—I was at capacity and not running as well as I am capable or as I am now. My clutter expressed itself in controlling behaviors and overall rigidity. It also looked like shutting down and isolation. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in the recovery process, as these patterns were deeply rooted and honestly kept me sane for a long time. One of my more useful patterns is being VERY organized. Being organized kept the overwhelm at bay. My most useful companion on this journey is my burning desire for space, order and understanding WHY. 

I compare myself to the Princess and the Pea. I am sensitive to discomfort. It does not matter if the discomfort is internal or external. If I feel it, I deal with it. Dealing with internal clutter takes diligence, patience, commitment and courage. What comes from this process, at first in small glimpses and then expanded ones, is self-knowledge, flexibility, enthusiasm, inner spaciousness, creativity, freedom, healthier relationships, clarity, calm and overall graciousness and generosity toward ourselves and therefore, others.

This is our potential. Our promise. Our possibility. And, it’s an ever-evolving process that I desire for us all to be consciously attuned to. It is also my desire to be a companion on this journey. So, follow here on this site, and here @adailyglimpse Facebook and Instagram for more. 

Stay tuned for a breakdown of internal & external clutter.

A Man With No Shoes.

Source: Uploaded by user via kkfinephoto on Pinterest

I was in a coffee shop, drinking my tea latte and eating oatmeal. Outside the window, I saw a man.


He was limping along a city street. I looked down at his feet. He had on only stockings- ripped and worn. He went to a garbage can and rummaged through. My heart cried, but I did not move from my comfortable chair in the coffee shop.

Earlier I noticed a woman in line at the coffee shop. Her face was kind and pure. I saw this same woman again, leaving her comfortable chair, and going to the man with no shoes. She held onto his elbow and walked with him across the street. I told my husband: that woman is walk…and I burst into tears.

Through my tears, I watched her walk slow with him, and get to the other side. There, they talked and pointed their hands down a street. She left him, but there was a look on her face. As she got closer, I could see, she too, was in tears.

She spoke to her partner—other patrons watched her, as we do, when we see people cry. She grabbed her backpack, and left the coffee shop. She crossed the street again. I imagined the impact of this man was too great, and she had to do more for him.

Moments later, there she was again. This time with the man, who was now holding a cane.

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