Intoxicating Brilliance

Today’s Soul Report: Stop and Smell the Roses



One of the results of soul work is we will be less occupied with ourselves, which is a benefit in many ways, and one simple benefit is we will be pulled in by intoxicating beauty that is everywhere. We will immerse in a moment.

The smell of this flower....intoxicating brilliance.

On my walk this afternoon, I was completely taken in by a scent. Above me was a tree, budding with small flowers. I took off a small branch, and breathed in its scent all the way home. My daughter was studying at the dining room table, and I put the branch to her nose. She stopped. Closed her eyes. “It smells like Hawaii.” My youngest daughter was in her room, and had not been speaking to me for two days. I put the branch to her nose. She resisted, but took in a whiff. She began talking to me again. Smiling. Laughing.

We must find what makes us happy, if even for a moment. We must allow space to “stop and smell the roses,” and invite others as we do.


The Soul Reporter

Find Your Bliss

Today’s Soul Report: Find Your Bliss & Express It 

Last week, I saw a woman roller skating. She appeared happy. My daughter said, “I see that woman a lot, skating.”

I’m guessing it makes her happy. It is her bliss, and it appears she does it often.

My bliss (well one of them)~ sitting in the sun with a cup of tea. It’s been awhile so I’m off to do that now.

While I sit, I discard my hefty to-do list. A list I’ve had for many years. A list I’ve added on to. A list, where I’ve crossed some items off. And a list, I no longer care to have in my possession.

My bliss~ allowing whatever is to meet me, to meet me, and no longer needing a list.





Which leads me to this…

A sunnier spot to sprawl, on a freshly mowed lawn. I wish I would have done this all day….. Becuase today what I really crave is S P A C E & quiet.

I used to think only the ocean was big enough to take away my troubles and cares. My tight mind and make it blank, but looking up I see that the sky takes it too. Maybe this is why that woman skates. Yes, it is her bliss. It makes her smile. But really, what it does is create space in an otherwise clutter filled world, where we do-do-do, overcompensating for what we lack-lack-lack and fear-fear-fear.



Find your bliss. If it’s roller skating, then roller skate- often. We all need some S P A C E, probably more than anything else. And we can find it anywhere. In our backyard, if we have one. At the ocean, if we are near one. In our souls, if we dig deep enough. And if no place else- the sky that surrounds us.


The Soul Reporter

>In the S P A C E


Everything in the universe has a rhythm. Everything dances. ~Maya Angelou

I am always amazed, if given the space, I return to my natural rhythm. Today (Friday), I have the day off from my job as Special Education Assistant. Immediately after returning home from dropping my children off at school, I created a breakfast, which expressed a balanced and healthy rhythm.

Then I grabbed a glass I never use and poured fresh water, dropping in a fresh, sweet, Meyer lemon.
I went to my altar space to meditate.
And headed to the studio above my garage to write, create, file and play.
For lunch, I sauteed Bok Choy and mushrooms.
And went for a walk in the woods by my house, stopping for a moment to listen to the birds.
I realize I need these moments of s p a c e, more than I often realize. What causes the greatest unease in my world is ingesting the out of balance and out of sync rhythm of our current society. The energy is frantic, sometimes lazy. It’s un-enthused. Un-energetic. Dull. Complacent. Chaotic. Scared. Filled with melancholy. It’s fast. Scattered. Lost. Isolating. And constant, with little rest or relief from it all. And, unfortunately, this way of being is unconscious to most of us.
We sense in a certain way something isn’t right, but can’t quite put our finger on it. For how could we- there’s no time. No space, for inner-self-reflection. But there is a rhythm, I assure you, past the chaos, confusion, and melancholy; a rhythm that refreshes and restores.
I share this short photo essay with you today as a reminder of the beauty, simplicity and wonder that is us- that is our rhythm when we allow space into our moments- to just be. To simply allow. No agendas. No schedules. Just be me time, remembering what is feels like to just live for own inner happiness.
The Soul (s p a c e) Reporter