A Moment

New thought: isn’t that moment important?

That moment I’m speaking of was me putting conditioner in my hair in the shower. I could not remember if I had put conditioner in my hair. Am I rinsing out shampoo or conditioner?

That moment was missed because I was thinking about an email I had to send to a lawyer. You may say, so what? Not a big moment to miss- putting conditioner in my hair or not. But we probably unconsciously say this all the time. Or have no consciousness at all about our moments and that each one- the most mundane to the most dramatic is sacred. And I’m guessing being in the moment makes NO moment mundane or even dramatic.

I am not living in the moment at every moment, but I can say I at least know I miss many of them, and realize they are ALL important enough not to miss.

Here is to our moments and being in them- ALL of them.


The Soul Reporter

Wild Rice


Original Posting in 2009:

Frantic. Home from work. Arguing with husband about dinner. Daughter and I are gluten and dairy free. Other daughter and husband are not. I’m irritated. I want us to eat together. But how can we?

I also don’t want to cook. I want to relax. To be fed without effort.

I go into the kitchen deciding I will try a new gluten free recipe- mad.

Thinking, why do I have to cook? I have things I want to do.

Talk to husband about impending birthday of both our Gemini girls.

I take out the wild rice.
Why must I rinse it?
What a pain in the ass.

It’s getting it all over my hands as I try to wash away whatever I’m supposed to wash away.  And how will I drain it without losing it all down the kitchen sink drain?

I lose some grains.
I go to fill a pot. Let the water boil.
I touch the rinsed wild rice, and it occurs to me, as sometimes happens, this is a moment of opportunity to connect, in this case with my food.

But it doesn’t happen like that, as a thought of something I should do.
It occurs to me through the experience of touching the rice and noticing the sight with my eyes.

I am making food with my hands to nourish my body. Here in this space of homemaker I can reconnect, feel inspired and alive.

We often go from thing to thing missing these kinds of moments. That’s because they are in the spaces of our movement.

Have you had your wild rice moment yet today?

>A Moment


I watched a boy washing his hands today. His palms full of whitish, blue foam. Scrubbing his hands the soap began to lather. He put his hands toward the streaming water and the soap was washed away. While I watched him, he watched his hands, as if it were the only thing he knew at that moment- and in that moment it was.
I used to resist, and pooh-pooh the power of the present moment, but now I find it the only way I want to live. Reminding myself to slow down and pay attention, even if it is watching a boy wash his hands.
There is such delight in this world- even in the pain we can delight in the NOW.
Pooh-pooh that, resistance.
The Soul Reporter