Where I Sit.

Straight ahead from where I sit there is a middle path. To my right, another. And another to my left.


This morning I questioned who I am, but this isn’t new. I’ve been questioning this for awhile. In the past 10 years I have seen many parts of myself.

I have traveled the left path to play in darkness.



I have traveled the right path toward light. I try to stay on the middle path for balance.


But no matter which way I go, who I am sits on the bench watching.



The Soul Reporter

>Let the Beauty we Love be What we Do ~Rumi

Walking on a straight dirt path, to the far right of me,  I noticed purple and white flowers.  They seemed to call me and I moved toward them, just wanting to be near them.  

There were thoughts, which told me not to and keep on the straight path.  Once I got to the flowers those thoughts turned to expectation- what message would the flowers give me, what opportunity could be present.  Would there be a treasure awaiting me there because there had to be a reason I was led to the flowers. 
There was no treasure.  No sign. No opportunity. No reason.  The flowers were it, and this subtle truth:  Living for beauty is enough.
My path has been such that I seek treasure everywhere. I am always looking for something. However this endeavor is slowly losing its partner.  Me.
Lately I walk slower. I move less.  I talk less. I expect less. I am less and in this way I am more- more of who I am and what God intends.  
To only live for beauty and love is what I want to do, however it still seems silly.  This is because of the society in which we live, coupled with the fact I have little money and no income coming in. Shouldn’t I be doing more?  Maybe, but I don’t want to. 
I never quite understood what Rumi meant- Let the beauty we love be what we do.  
The beauty at the moment of my walk were the purple and white flowers and that moment I lived for them.  I moved toward them.  I answered my soul’s desire to allow beauty to be my guide. Perhaps this is a lesson on living.
Let the beauty you love be what you do.