>A Shift, Perhaps: A Note to My Readers

>Dear Readers,

I have been blogging for almost 5 years. I love to write and think this has been a great way to share some of my thoughts, get better and more disciplined with my writing, and hopefully touch some lives along the way. However, I am wondering if it is time to move on.
Each blog, because they are spiritual in nature, take a lot of time and energy to write. My intentions to serve and share are pure and has given me great joy when one is published, which is what keeps me going. However, after 5 years, with little to no comments for postings and a reader list that is pretty much staying the same, it is difficult to know if I am doing the best I can to touch lives in the way I would like to.
Yes, spiritually I know it is not about results and outcomes. We are “suppposed” to let go of such things, right- and just create and share for the act of creating and sharing. I know I will continue to create and share, but perhaps I need another vehicle. I have long thought of writing books, perhaps screenplays, or who knows what else may surface. Or maybe I just need a pick-me-up.
But, before I make a shift, I would like to get feedback and comments about the value for you with this blog. We all need feedback sometimes from our fellow travelers to help us make decisions, and I guess this is what I am asking for now.
I absolutely appreciate those of you who read. I thank you all very much. Those of us who create, do love the act itself. And to share our work so others receive joy, or an insight, or a connection to that some thing larger within the self, well- that is what keeps the creation creating.
I look forward to your thoughts.
The Soul Reporter