Guest Post: Beyond all the Divisions of Mind

By Lou DiVirgilio

I do believe that our world is now in a over anxious state, becoming over whelmed and thus, not being enabled, in anyway, to clarify the distortions.  However, I believe it unwise, spiritually and psychologically unwholesome to emphasize this, for it raises none to higher things, but depresses courage,  the courage to meet life and carry on in a higher nobler way.  This manner of thinking goes      beyond all the divisions of mind, for it is to see beauty in and behind things, see beauty in all human beings no matter their race; see likewise the ignorance and the ugliness in life, though do not let these latter depress you or discourage you.  There is no reason to lose our calm, or our inner peace, in order to become like those who are passion driven, and governed by prejudice.  Such an attitude will not help us or those who suffer.  We have it within ourselves to send into the world, thoughts of courage and hope and an optimistic looking into the future: that no matter what happens, our folly or infamy or infidelity to his or her’s inner god, to his or her’s spiritual essence, that there is always right and justice which will ultimately triumph over all.  The only thing that is sure, is to be that we are on the side of right and justice—- and let us not forget, that we cannot always judge by appearances. 

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