A Year Later

In an attempt to write once again on this blog, in light of Thanksgiving I went back to older posts and found this from a year ago….

The other day I made a list. The idea to do so arrived spontaneously.

I will write down everything I am unsure about—all of the issues and questions, currently outstanding, which remain, for now, in the mystery. 


As I made the list, I was amazed at how many unanswered questions I have about my life. I would imagine I am not alone here. But, I did wonder how many had some of the questions I had, especially in mid-life? Will I have a home again—and when and where? Will I have friends? Will my children recover from our accident? Will I find work? Will I finally be able to sit down and write my books? This barely begins the list.


It brings solace to know some of my unanswered questions, a year later, have answers. I do have a home again. We moved in July. I found work in April. My daughters are doing well. And, in September I won a scholarship to a writing class. I have written 65 pages of a memoir, which has been in pieces, disassembled for 10 years.

Life falls apart, and comes together again.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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