Hmmm…. What Should I Write About?

Hello. It has been a long while since regularly contributing to my blog. I want to begin contributing again, but I am a bit stuck. I don’t seem to know what to write about. Currently, after several  years of gathering material for my memoir, I have begun putting together all of the pieces. Thanks to a memoir class at The Literary Loft Center in Minneapolis, I see what is becoming a book. I’m pretty excited. This, work, family and basically recuperating from a long, difficult journey is what has consumed me- instead of writing on this blog.

This all said….those of you who have been followers of my blog, and familiar with what I have written in the past, I would like to ask you what you liked, what you might like more of and maybe, what didn’t work. For those new here, what would you like to read about? What are you struggling with? What are you searching for, if anything?  It seems a little odd I am asking for others input about what I should write. But, honestly I feel completely blank and yet, I want to write. And, so I’m bringing it to you. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


FYI: Topics I’ve written on in the past: spirituality, personal growth, personal stories, parenting, relationships, home- and I’m open to whatever else.


Thanks, Nikki

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