star shooter

Seeking Truth

On sacred days, within the cosmic cycles, as when Earth, Moon, Venues, Mercury, and the Sun are in suzyge or when the solstices or equinoxes occur, star shooter, Chiti Shakti, takes up the sacred bow of liberation, and from his quiver, places a spiritually prepared aspirant of truth head first, between his bow and the bowstring, draws his bow to its helt, angles his back arching to the sky, and launches the seeker towards the Sun.

As the seeker moves out, passing through the various spheres of earth, “G” forces are pealing away his life experiences, and as excruciating and disconcerting as that feels there is no turning back.  He has passed the point of no return, and just as the valve of his heart closes after the beat, there is no way back; his fate is sealed, either victory, madness, or death.

Moving through the outer spheres of Earth…

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