A Man With No Shoes.

Source: Uploaded by user via kkfinephoto on Pinterest

I was in a coffee shop, drinking my tea latte and eating oatmeal. Outside the window, I saw a man.


He was limping along a city street. I looked down at his feet. He had on only stockings- ripped and worn. He went to a garbage can and rummaged through. My heart cried, but I did not move from my comfortable chair in the coffee shop.

Earlier I noticed a woman in line at the coffee shop. Her face was kind and pure. I saw this same woman again, leaving her comfortable chair, and going to the man with no shoes. She held onto his elbow and walked with him across the street. I told my husband: that woman is walk…and I burst into tears.

Through my tears, I watched her walk slow with him, and get to the other side. There, they talked and pointed their hands down a street. She left him, but there was a look on her face. As she got closer, I could see, she too, was in tears.

She spoke to her partner—other patrons watched her, as we do, when we see people cry. She grabbed her backpack, and left the coffee shop. She crossed the street again. I imagined the impact of this man was too great, and she had to do more for him.

Moments later, there she was again. This time with the man, who was now holding a cane.

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