Let Your Desires Change You.

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I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie.” ~Rilke

I suppose I had a choice. But then again—maybe not.

My desires for a dream were strong. The dreams have not turned out as I had hoped. I sat in the despair, doubt and frustration of that…until recently.

In the years of following a dream, it was all I could do. The desires for certain outcomes were too strong. Looking back, it was almost as though all reason left me, and I have wondered what happened. It is good I have not continued to scold myself for what appears to be stupidity. Instead I trust I was not meant to stop myself from following the dream. I was meant to follow my desires.

Had I stayed with reason—done what is traditional—I wonder what would have become of me. I see a rigid, uptight young woman still living in fear. Although my dreams turned into many nightmares on this journey, I am left with something I would not have had otherwise.

It is what Rilke writes: I have been unfolded.

I trust the movement of my journey, and how it has unfolded. Reason was gone, and now it has returned. I now trust this, and move accordingly.

Follow your desires, and let the journey change you.

The Soul Reporter

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