3 Reasons to Explore the Soul

There is a quiet, which happens when the end of something comes. The first time I felt this is when my dog, Charlie died.

He had been struggling for months. Collapsing frequently because of a heart condition. I begged that he go peacefully, and under the moon on our concrete patio, he took his last breath. Quiet. He was gone. Just like that.

The next time I felt this quiet was around this time last year. I wrote: I know something is coming to an end. On the outside, it may not seem so. But, inside I feel it, and today I declare it. It’s over.

I went on to say: Unlike Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner for a war that was truly beginning instead of being over, this declaration is more a process, like Spring turning into Summer. 

Little did I know, my war was just beginning- and it would be a process.

The soul is an interesting space. I was told by someone last week that it is not a mine, and therefore we should not dig around in it. “We should leave it be,” he said.

I do not agree. Here is why:

  • I would say the soul is the only space worth exploring.
  • There is nothing in there to change, only to discover and understand and with understanding we do change, and become more ourselves.
  • To explore in this space is like finding we have our very own built-in GPS,  filled with all the resources we need to live our life as consciously as possible.

What are your thoughts about the soul? Is it a space worth discovering? Or should we just leave it alone? Can you relate to what I said about the quiet, which happens when something is ending?

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