Stand in the Truth of Who You Are

From February 2008. 

It is as if I built a beautiful house brick by brick-

from the foundation to its steeple roof-

and then stood outside of it afraid to go in.

For years I’ve done nothing but Soul Work– and then I walked away (or so it seems)- afraid and embarrassed to stand in my own essence that I worked so hard to uncover.
Instead of standing, I have wandered within the chaos and untruths, wondering what is wrong.
I realize I am standing in the wrong place.
It is time to stand where I belong.
Where do you stand? Where do you belong?

4 thoughts on “Stand in the Truth of Who You Are

  1. >This is tough. I am utterly uncertain and that’s where I’ve always stood, in uncertainty. Not to be too zen, but there’s some solidity and grounding in that. I never quite know, even when I sound sure.This ground shakes.

  2. >I do belong as do the rest of us. We are where we are suppose to be in this moment. The place that we are at is not always the place we want to be, but this is just the path that we have on some level chosen to get us to the promise land.

  3. >Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron says- we scramble to get ground and security. Until we let this go- the wars {within and without} will continue. Groundlessness is pure bliss once we get used to it and do the work to uncover the true foundation that lies within.

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