Summer (Spiritual) Reading

A month. An entire month I have not written a post. Since beginning a blog I don’t believe I’ve gone an entire month without publishing a post.

And honestly, I feel lost. So much has happened this month, and so much has not. I don’t know what to write about. It feels like I’ve lost my voice and my message. Yet, I want to write. I want to connect again.

The first thought I have: share what books I have read this month.

First up: I finished reading, The Necessity of Empty Places. I bought the book because I liked the title, but it was not what I had expected. And it surely could not feel the spot, Cheryl Strayed had filled as I devoured her memoir, Wild. I still miss walking with her on the PCT.

Than, I read Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale. It’s a “new age” book for sure, filled with everything us seekers want to hear. Get clear about what we want, feel it, and let go and all of our desires shall be ours. And, apparently for Joe, instantaneously.

Although, I am not a fan of most new age teachings, I did reconnect to what I have lost in these years of tough times. I lost feeling good about life. About myself. In a word given to me by my father, I had become despondent.

What new age teachings miss is the old age and timeless teachings- teachings, which make us think. Lead us to remembrance of our divinity, and give us deep and wide philosophy and perspective, instead of a “5-step formula for easily creating wealth from the inside out.”

Which is why after I read, Spiritual Marketing, a book I had already read almost flew off the shelf and said, read me again. Theosophy: The Path of the Mystic by Katherine Tingley.

Have you had the experience of reading a book, and you swear the writer is speaking directly to you? I’ve had this experience twice. Once with Melody Beattie’s book, Codependent No More and now this book.

Although I read it before, she spoke to me beyond my despondency and reminded me of my highest value- SPIRIT. “For man cannot find his true place in the great scheme of human life until he has ennobled and enriched his nature with the consciousness of his divinity.” (Katherine Tingley)

I had lost my true place. This was why I was despondent. Why I could not pick up the pen and write- and bear with me, as I am still wobbly and feel like a kindergartener just learning how to write.

I realized after reading The Path of the Mystic, that I am beginning again. After a long stretch of trials and tribulations, I turn a corner and feel as though I know nothing. As though I lost all knowledge that I gained during those trials, and here I am beginning again. I see how far I have yet to go on my spiritual path.

But this does not make me despondent. This makes me humble, and a wee-bit proud I am able to attempt to get back on the path again and walk. And write even though I feel quite dumb and like a beginner. In time I will get my footing again. And so this is where I am now.

I have finished Katherine’s book. I am now reading, Bhagavad-Gita combined with Essays on the Gita by William Q Judge. What are you reading this summer?

I shall be back soon- and my hope is for this blog to be revived into a purposeful and useful spot for those souls who seek remembrance of their divinity, and to provide support and insight along the way.


The Soul Reporter

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