Sacred Spaces

The feedback from subscribers of Daily Soul Glimpse is positive:

  • I am really enjoying them. They have a really good, chilled-out vibe even though they also raise profound questions.
  • I appreciate your spirit and the power within yourself to share and guide others to live a complete life. 
  • Enjoying your daily inspirations- loved the one on reconnecting with nature!

I’d love if you, too, signed up for Soul Glimpse, and begin receiving your daily nudge from my soul to yours. Here is a glimpse of what they received today:
Many of the glimpses you receive from me happen as I walk. Today, I stopped instantly in a space below a California oak tree near four stones. The space felt sacred.

By being open and listening, no matter where we are, we begin to feel the nudge to halt our steps and reunite within a sacred space.

There is something inside me, which feels sacred too. It is my essence, and like a sweet scent, it is becoming stronger. It’s getting closer- and I recapture Her in moments.

In the moment I sensed the sacred space below the California oak, and the moments I recapture my essence- my being is lighter and more open. In this way, I listen and hear the sacred nudge me.

It would seem, then, there is great benefit to being light and open so to capture the sacred. Often, all it takes to do so is to state a clear intention, especially when we value an outcome from our intention. Ex: When I am light and open, I can more easily sense the sacred within me and around me, and this matters to me. 

What matters to you? What do you value? What might you intend in order to (re)capture what matters? 

I might suggest you keep a journal of what you receive in ways of words, images, experiences.

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