The Land of the Living

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Today’s Soul Report: Looking Deep Within or Looking Out

I believe each of us is born with a natural leaning toward looking or not looking. ~Mark Nepo from The Book of Awakening

Mark admits: “Not surprisingly, I am one of those feminine seers: I believe if I don’t look, I will die.”

Similar to Mark, I believe if I don’t look, I will never be free. I shall never know comfort again. I describe myself as the Princess and the Pea. I must find the pea or rest I will not.

Mark also says, “…feel which you need right now- to look or not to look. Which will bring you more fully to the land of the living?”

You mean to say, sometimes it’s better not to look?

As he says, “…like staring into the sun too long, there are times we mustn’t look to preserve our sight.”

The boat ride home this weekend from Catalina was a bit rocky. I tend toward seasick. But, this time I knew I would not get sick. I felt strong and stable in my core. However, when I looked down, taking my eyes from the horizon, I recaptured that familiar queasy feeling.

I am in a time where deep digging does not serve me. This does not mean I am in denial of anything, which might lurk below. It just means- not now. It means now is the time to stay steady and stable in my core, and keep my eyes forward- on that horizon line. This is what’s needed to bring me “more fully to the land of the living.”

Where are you? Are you in a space in time where it is better to look deep within or not to look?


The Soul Reporter

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