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Today is the first day of The Daily Soul Glimpse Subscription. Below is what those who subscribed received in their inbox today. I invite you to subscribe here, and you will begin to receive Daily Glimpses to support, encourage and awaken you on your journey.

Your Daily Soul Glimpse


March 22, 2012 ~ Opening the Door

Today is the first day of your Daily Soul Glimpse subscription.


As we begin together, it is difficult to know where you are on your journey. However, it is the intent for your Daily Glimpse to provide a space for your journey wherever you are.

So for today, contemplate your journey thus far. What has brought you to this moment? What do you sense is moving you? Do you feel pulled along by outside forces? Or do you feel moved from a deeper space within? Or somewhere in between? And further what is your relationship with whatever is moving you? Is this an important relationship? One you’ve developed over the years, consciously? Or are you now, opening the door?

I might suggest you keep a journal of what you receive in the ways of words, images, experiences. And always feel free to share, comment or ask me questions along the way. Also, if there is content you’d like more of, please suggest.

If you feel these Glimpses are of value to you and your journey, please let others know by pointing them here: http:// thesoulreporter.wordpress.com/soul-glimpses/

Namaste, Nikki

Your Daily Soul Glimpse will arrive to you in a PDF file, which you can open and save, to look upon anytime you choose. If you have issues viewing or opening the document, please let me know promptly. To unsubscribe at anytime, reply to your email and write “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Copyright © 2012 by Nikki Di Virgilio

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