Little Bug

Today’s Soul Report: Help is on the way

I helped save a bug. An itsy-bitsy one. I was outside, filling up the dog dish with water, when this tiny little bug flew into the water. In an instant it jumped out, dry, as if never wet, ready to fly. But then, maybe the wind blew, and it fell back in. This time , I thought, it might not make it out, so I helped it. I put my hand in, trying to flush it out. It landed on my finger, and after a bit of wobbling, it flew away.

Why did I help this bug? It’s spirit. It kept trying to live, and keep going. It inspired me to assist. My insight from this tiny experience- someone might see my spirit, and lend a helping hand (toward my desire to be a published writer). If not, at least I know I keep going even after being thrown in a dog dish full of water, which often happens- not literally of course.

Sometimes life feels shitty and yet somehow I remain committed. My bet is we all do. Maybe this is the miracle.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting. ~The Buddha

Keep striving, no matter where you are. Help is on the way.


The Soul Reporter

4 thoughts on “Little Bug

  1. I love this Nikki. We all need a little help in any form people are able to offer. Your hand, to the little bug, saved it’s life. The writers in us need similar lives to be helped along the way.

  2. Wonderful Post…. and I do exactly the same thing. I always rescue drowning bugs, and upside down beetles. I even saved a dragonfly who had got caught on the front of hubby’s car. My son asked me once why I do that, because it couldn’t possibly make a difference… but I told him the old “starfish” story (don’t know if you have heard it), but I made a difference to that particular bug.
    Great Post

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