Same Cloud

Today’s Soul Report: Light & Dark

Same cloud. Varying light. Same Source.

It’s difficult to say the gray cloud is worse or uglier, knowing it’s the same. When I took these pictures, I realized the cloud was like me. Many days of gray l’ve had this week. Today more light is turning my perspective more bright.

When we go into a dark space, we don’t really hate our lives or ourselves. We just hate how in varying moments, we see our lives and ourselves.

Varying light. The light moves. Our consciousness wavers. From bright to gray to bright again.

When I was new and young to the wake-up journey (what I call the road I am on as I become more awake, expand my consciousness, unfold my evolution), I quickly came to know the dark spots- those gray masses of funk, eventually break away toward more light. More life. It is part of the journey. I used to know this. I trusted this. But at times the dark got so dark and lasted so long, I got caught up in it, and I forgot. Now I know this again.

What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.

Let’s honor both dark and light, and remember the source is always the light- it just varies. Changes. Goes away. Comes back. Or so it seems. It’s part of the wake-up journey.


The Soul Reporter

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