Dig In, and Get Open

Today’s Soul Report: Opening

Not much to report today, except this:


Will we keep the gate open as our desires come to greet us?


They are our desires, so let them in. 

I don’t mean to be so simplistic today, but I am quite tired. I think there is something profound here, about staying open, as simple as it sounds, but this is not always what we do, is it? We are often quite closed, aren’t we? So how then, do we open? And further how do we stay open?

Recently, I begin by simply stating in my mind my desire to be open, and to stay that way. I see myself at the edge of a cliff, knowing my desires are here, meeting me. I see myself continuing to stand there, at the edge, an elegant wind blowing through my hair, and I look. Listen. Notice. And, respond when needed. Always staying open.

What more can I do? When the call comes, as one did today- for an opportunity to possibly earn a bit of money, I stayed open. When my mind feared another responsibility, I returned to my open space. When I wondered if I even know what I am doing, I stayed open. Again, I don’t mean to make this sound so simplistic. There was inner work, which had to be done to do this. The untying of deeply rooted knots. The facing of fears and obstacles. The clearing of space inside myself. But, anything can begin with an intention. A vision of seeing ourselves as open.

Do this now…when you think of yourself as being open, what does this look like? Return to this image, again and again, and intend to stay open. What obstructs our openness will be revealed. We can face it, and stay open. As we do, our heart, our mind, our soul, our eyes open wider and wider, and so will our lives.

Dig in, and get open.


The Soul Reporter

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