Find Your Bliss

Today’s Soul Report: Find Your Bliss & Express It 

Last week, I saw a woman roller skating. She appeared happy. My daughter said, “I see that woman a lot, skating.”

I’m guessing it makes her happy. It is her bliss, and it appears she does it often.

My bliss (well one of them)~ sitting in the sun with a cup of tea. It’s been awhile so I’m off to do that now.

While I sit, I discard my hefty to-do list. A list I’ve had for many years. A list I’ve added on to. A list, where I’ve crossed some items off. And a list, I no longer care to have in my possession.

My bliss~ allowing whatever is to meet me, to meet me, and no longer needing a list.





Which leads me to this…

A sunnier spot to sprawl, on a freshly mowed lawn. I wish I would have done this all day….. Becuase today what I really crave is S P A C E & quiet.

I used to think only the ocean was big enough to take away my troubles and cares. My tight mind and make it blank, but looking up I see that the sky takes it too. Maybe this is why that woman skates. Yes, it is her bliss. It makes her smile. But really, what it does is create space in an otherwise clutter filled world, where we do-do-do, overcompensating for what we lack-lack-lack and fear-fear-fear.



Find your bliss. If it’s roller skating, then roller skate- often. We all need some S P A C E, probably more than anything else. And we can find it anywhere. In our backyard, if we have one. At the ocean, if we are near one. In our souls, if we dig deep enough. And if no place else- the sky that surrounds us.


The Soul Reporter

2 thoughts on “Find Your Bliss

  1. Wonderful post… my bliss is soaking in my hot tub at the end of the day… don’t quite feel “right” if I don’t get to do it.

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