Separating Life

Today’s Soul Report:

Hi. How are you today? My question today is: How do you internalize the events in your life, which happen to us- deaths, accidents, illnesses, job loss….?

Example: A woman’s mother dies. All year she has witnessed her decline. It’s now the New Year and she declares that this year she will get back on track because life last year, was out of sync. What she used to do, like taking yearly vacations and keeping up with her regular work routine did not happen because of her mother’s progressive illness.

It seems to me, something I have noticed since my so called “out of sync” car accident, that we view events such as these as something separate from our “real” lives. These events, in our lives of routines and “normalcy,” don’t fit. And what do we tend to do with what doesn’t fit…? We tend to put it behind us, get over it and get back to normal. Put it in a box.

Life is one complete whole.

My question is WHY? WHY-WHY-WHY do we want to put them away and get back to normal (whatever that is). Perhaps this is one area where we are most arrogant and ignorant to think such events are not part of the whole. To think they are somehow separate, perhaps even an inconvenience to what we think is more important- our real lives of routine. As rough as these events are, they are not to be missed. They are full of life juice, juice that can enrich us. Deepen us. Expand us.

If we want to allow this enrichment, it is up to us to intend for this. To initiate a space where we can be present for the total and gentle unfolding of the experience. There are many reasons to do this. One reason is trauma (if a traumatic event is what we experienced or are experiencing) lives in the body. Overtime, if we are not actively and consciously working to move this trauma out of our body, it will come out in other ways, such as panic attacks, paranoia, infections, maybe even cancer or other diseases many of us fear.

I understand we have these lives we feel we have to get back to, but this idea is only an idea- a limiting belief structure, which does not allow much, if any space for ALL of what life has to offer. I am not dismissing routine or structure- most of our lives to do not permit us to wander around like gypsies. We have bills, relationships, kids, jobs….But LIFE, I am afraid, doesn’t much care.

Last night, A Perfect Storm was on television. I only watched a few minutes of it- enough to see the sea not give a shit about the fish the men caught and the money they needed to make from it. The sea does what the sea does. Life does what it does. It moves within our lives of routine and structure- sometimes with great force.

When something happens that appears to take us away from what we know and are comfortable with, let’s take the time, move within the event and squeeze as much life juice as we can from it. And let us remember that life is one complete whole encompassing us all.  Life is us, and we are life.


The Soul Reporter

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