A Moment

New thought: isn’t that moment important?

That moment I’m speaking of was me putting conditioner in my hair in the shower. I could not remember if I had put conditioner in my hair. Am I rinsing out shampoo or conditioner?

That moment was missed because I was thinking about an email I had to send to a lawyer. You may say, so what? Not a big moment to miss- putting conditioner in my hair or not. But we probably unconsciously say this all the time. Or have no consciousness at all about our moments and that each one- the most mundane to the most dramatic is sacred. And I’m guessing being in the moment makes NO moment mundane or even dramatic.

I am not living in the moment at every moment, but I can say I at least know I miss many of them, and realize they are ALL important enough not to miss.

Here is to our moments and being in them- ALL of them.


The Soul Reporter

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