Review: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Premier

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is going to the White House for its season premier. No, the White House does not need a makeover, but they are enlisting the help of First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has several interests as First Lady, but the two she is probably most recognized for are bringing real food to our lunch and dining room tables, and supporting our veterans……So- Michelle, meet Barbara Marshall, a 15 year servant of the military, and now serving other military women who have returned to no homes and no jobs.

Barbara runs Jubilee House, a transition house for homeless veterans and their children. Homelessness, she says is an unbelievable problem, and Jubilee helps to re-build the self-esteem and lifestyle that was lost after their experiences of war, and returning home. Barbara’s mission: to never have to turn away any woman for lack of room, and to bring the home to a state worthy of these women.

Heeding the call is Ty, and his team- and wait until you see his team. I’ll just say it is a team worthy of these women. Ty’s mission: to change the structure of the home, but the Spirit needs to remain the same. Sometimes for a structure to change, extreme measures are taken, and to change this structure was not only extreme, but innovative and inspirational.

What I love most about this episode is the attention to detail given- not only to the home, but for the people inside it. What is the saying…the love is in the details? Maybe I just made that up, but either way, it is true. I will try to hold back my excitement and share only a few of those details. One such detail is the limousine, which picks up the Marshall family and takes them to Disney World, where they get to forget their responsibilities and have some much needed fun- and have a few surprises along the way.

And speaking of surprises- if you think the First Lady’s appearance is special, so is the appearance from a well-known entertainer. When she heard about the project, she wanted to show her support. And that’s all I will say about that.

When the Marshall family returned, and saw what awaited them, Barbara said, “It feels like my inaugural moment.” How right she is. This is a moment fit for the hero she is. The house was not only restructured to open space for many more women and children, those details of love were everywhere, from the handwritten letter by Mrs. Obama encased in glass on Barbara’s desk to a mosaic of pictures of military women depicting the American Flag. Even Barbara’s son, a young man who loves marching bands had a unique room of his own filled with a marching band. Seriously….watch the episode. Oh, and two more reasons to watch….What in the world is a vegitube? Soon I see every kitchen having one- and you will be amazed at Ty’s challenge for the design team, which arrived in a crate dropped by a military plane.

After this extreme makeover, Jubilee House showed no signs of what it was before. The Spirit, however remains the same.

Season Premier airs on Sunday, September 25 7/6c on abc.  

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