And They Shall Make Art

We make art to survive and thrive.

Yesterday I wrote a post, where I thought while reading it, may seem harsh, but it is from my experience, and as Tina Fey says, “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”

I did my thing- and I had fun dammit. Later in the day my daughters and me (is that the right use of me? I never can figure that one out) went to Yogurtland, than to Starbucks for tea. A man was drawing a boy who sat near him at another table. To look at him, you wouldn’t think he was an artist- he didn’t wear a beret or have a funny little mustache, but there he was creating. I thought- maybe art is what we do here to survive this thing called life. I took my thought to my daughter, up-and-coming-actress- extraordinaire, and she said, “Mom that isn’t original. It’s been said before.” (When I am famous for my wisdom, she shall humble me.)

“By whom,?” (is that right use of whom? I can’t figure that one out either and if I am going to be published soon, I had better) I wanted to know.

“Mom, I have been surrounded by artists for five years. We talked about it.” In which I replied, “Oh, well I am surrounded by myself and I figured it out with myself.”

Anyhow, this all said, I think it safe to say art is going to be my therapy. That may be drawing wearing a beret, or writing a post that makes people unfollow me. Okay there was only one who said this of my post yesterday- “wow, u r arrogant…and unfollowed.” (Did they spell you and are right? I don’t think he or she will be published anytime soon.) And further, beyond art, I am going to be less judgmental (except of that person who unfollowed me) about what anyone does to survive this life. Even the kids who stole UPS packages from our neighbor’s front stoop this past weekend (on a Saturday in the daylight(I said less)). The pressure of life made them do it, or of peers- either way it is fucking pressure to live on the planet sometimes (probably when we aren’t going with the flow). But as we have been told, and maybe some coal miners have witnessed, pressure creates diamonds. And I am definitely in the rough and I do feel pressure and so I shall make art….

And in case, you couldn’t take any wisdom from me (I am a no-name), then hear this from Oriah Mountain Dreamer from her published book, What We Ache For:

No matter how far we roam, we always need to draw inspiration and vitality so we can go out into the world again. We must inhale to exhale, must receive what sustains us if we have anything to give. And the more practice we have at finding and recognizing what feeds us, the easier to venture from the familiar into unknown territory.


The Soul Reporter (& Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

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