The Inspiration Train

What to do while we wait for the inspiration train…

We aren’t a culture of wait. We are a culture of make it happen. I don’t wait. Do you know who I am…? 

Well, I’m waiting. Committing to waiting is better than committing to not waiting or going around in circles of fear. Plus, waiting doesn’t mean stopping. Waiting just means waiting. When we wait at the doctor’s office, we can read, or check our emails, or just sit and think, or stare into space. While we wait, we still live our lives.

Waiting for me suggests, I know there is something new is on its way, or it is already here but I’ve yet to acknowledge it. Waiting suggests patience, and faith. It also suggests I am in transition switching fuels.

The fuel that used to make me go was about doing the “right” thing. The right thing according to the culture and my own insecurities and what I thought I needed to feel secure. If I keep going, I look productive and useful. If I keep going I am needed, and I haven’t failed. But doing the right thing is no longer enough. I’d rather “fail” than allow myself to be moved by this. This fuel does not support my present travels.

So what will?

There is a driving force I hear others talk about- passion, inspiration- something deeper and higher than the will to just keep going and do the right thing. Something that captivates and breeds longevity. So I wait for this and I am willing to wait because I know that force is within me somewhere. I know I am not alone. I have a plentiful supply of energies inside of me with various skills and degrees of talent, and this deeper force is embracing and moving it all. I just don’t fully feel it yet, but I will because I am waiting until I do. And when I do, I will jump on the newly fueled train, give myself fully to it, and allow it to take me wherever I am already going.

Until then, there is plenty to do…..or not do. If nothing else, I say to waiting- I am not afraid of you. You are the gift I’m ready to receive.

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