>moving from choppy to flow…into one integrated whole

My current life vibe has been uncomfortable, and continues to be. In its continuation, I’m learning to allow it. To not try and fix it and make it better. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d be fixing anyway. Or how I’d make it better. I cannot even say what the issue is. With constant uncomfortability such as this, I would think I could pinpoint one issue and remedy it.

In a recent conversation with my dad he said, and I am sure this is not word-for-word, and only an interpretation- that we get overwhelmed thinking we have all of these individual burdens instead of understanding we hold one process, a process in which is ours and is within us to assist our soul growth and expansion. I’m inside this process, as I am always. In a way it is a comfort to know I hold in my soul everything I need to evolve deeper within myself.

Knowing this, I don’t have to figure anything out. And this is becoming my new way of life. Today on my walk, I was in my head planning my moments. What I would do when I got home. How I would manage the next few days of what needs to be done. The mental activity brought my awareness outside of my limbs moving,the birds singing, and the trees breathing. I made this declaration- I do not want to feel the pressure of my to do list. Nothing is worth my peace, ease and Presence. Nothing. And I became present. I was still uncomfortable. I felt no bliss, but I gave myself up to what is present.

This IS the new way. This is becoming what matters to me- my presence everywhere and with everything. It’s the purpose of the process I carry. Carrying me to the flow within my integrated whole.

Today’s Soul Tip

How do you view your life? In boxes? Lines? Containers? Individual roles that do not compliment each other? Pay attention to the rhythm of one of your days. Does it feel choppy? Do you feel pulled in many different places? Do you view your issues as individual burdens you must solve?

So much presence can be had by understanding everything we need is contained within and there is no need to view anything separately. It is all happening to support us, to bring us toward the recognition of how together we actually are.

The Soul Reporter

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