>Questions I’m Asking


Maybe this is too much of a blanket of a statement, but sometimes these are needed to get our points across. There seems to be two kinds of people- those who think for themselves. Dig inside. Search their brains for answers. For us, external knowledge often interferes and overwhelms. We don’t just take what is said as truth. We question. Wonder. Ponder.  THINK. Then there are those who are good students. They do what they are told. They look up answers.  They celebrate facts.  They absorb information and (religious doctrine- because that is where I am going with this post) and make it their truth.

The purpose of this post is to air out questions, that don’t seem to get asked, let alone answered, at least that I am aware of. If I get answers than that’s the whip cream and the cherry on top.

Here I go:

First I have a question for those who like to get their answers from texts, books, facts, school, and all other exterior sources:  When you hear something, and find facts does it resonate with you before you accept it as truth? What’s the value for you to adopt a belief?

Okay, now here are the questions I have for the following “religious” statements:

1.  When people say God spoke to me, what did the voice sound like? Was it someone else’s voice? Was it your own?  Did you hear it from inside or outside of yourself?
2.  When people say, I’m giving it to God where do they give it? What does that mean?
3.  When people say, they are in heaven or in a better place when someone dies- where is heaven? How do you know it is a better place?  Is there more to the death story?  
4.  When people say, they want to teach their children that there is a power that is larger than themselves outside of them, what does this mean? Where is this power? Does this mean there is not a “larger” power within? What do they hope the child learns from this teaching?
5.  When people say, they will reap rewards for good deeds from the Lord, what are these rewards? And it’s opposite, how will God punish them for bad deeds?  
6.  I was reading some religious material. It said, “We can learn more about God’s personality from the Bible. For example, it tells us what God likes and doesn’t like, how he treats people, and how he reacts in different situations.” Yet, they say, “He is a higher form of life.” If he likes and dislikes, and reacts to situations, and has a personality- is this a higher form?  Does your God have a personality? If so, does he also have a face? A body? What does he look like? And where does he live?
7.  It seems the word “spiritual” is getting a “bad” name. Perhaps it is overused. A Christian woman said she considers it a criticism if someone calls her spiritual. What does spiritual mean to you? If you had to define it, how would you? 
If you feel a bit of judgment coming through your screen, you have a keen sense of awareness. I do write these questions with some irritation.  Of course, I have my own beliefs and for me, religion causes me to feel restricted and confined. To just accept certain ideas and socially acceptable remarks makes me frustrated.   However, what I also hope you hear, is curiosity.  These questions along with some of my other recent posts on this topic, is to help me understand the thinking of those I have judged.  I want to understand. And I also want to start the conversation about our beliefs. 
Religious beliefs have permeated every facet of our lives. There is no corner that has gone untouched by religious doctrine. It affects all of us. We have grown quite comfortable with saying certain things, such as, “God spoke to me.”  Or, “They are in a better place now.”  And, “God will take care of it.”  But, I want to go deeper.  I want to excavate and get clear about our relationship to God, or whatever we deem greater than ourselves, and why can’t we be the greater?  What is wrong with believing God is inside of us? That we have within us a higher self and the purpose here is to become one with this higher self?  But that’s just what I believe.  What about you?
Next Post: I will answer these questions with what I believe and have experienced.
Today’s Soul Tip:

Ask, and you shall receive. And let’s not be afraid to ask questions.  Which, I have to admit, I am a little afraid right now to press, “publish post,” but here I go… Hope to hear from you.

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