>Music For My Soul


There are songs that touch a place so deep, I become one with them.  I feel what they speak. I allow their invitation to bring out the purest, truest part of me and live it, if even for the 3-5 minutes they are on.

Here are a few of the songs that move me:

Yeah, so by now maybe Firework is overplayed, but there’s a reason. It speaks to how so many of us feel- a plastic bag drifting through the wind. Unseen. Unheard. Insignificant. And when she belts out baby, you’re a firework, we can feel the light in us that wants to EXPLODE.  Let your colors burst!

I love the honesty and depth of India Arie.  This song touches the me that lives inside that I’ve been hiding for much too long and reminds me what I have deep down inside of me. Strength. Courage. Wisdom.  
Before I left for California, my friend Karen gave me a CD she made for the ride. This song is my journey. It is why I left my hometown.  I cried to this song until I reached Colorado where the arid landscape dried my tears. I could stand by the side and watch this life pass me by….. I got to find my place. I got to hear my song….
This song was also on the CD. It is where I am right now.  So close, but so far away. One step at a time. No need to rush. It’s going to happen.
Eminem speaks with such raw honesty.  It’s why I love him and find him incredibly sexy.  Don’t let them say you ain’t beautiful. Stay true to you.  Always the perfect message.

Mary J. Blige is always a favorite.  This song spoke to me many years ago and serves as a reminder to give up the drama.  No more pain. I choose to win.
This song helped me to know I wasn’t alone in feeling constricted. I needed to find a place where I could breathe…I‘m going to pack my bags.  Over the mountain I see the bright sun shining and I want to live inside the glow.
My grandma, Lillian loved Ave Maria. It was played at her funeral.  I listened to Luciano as a young girl with my father.  It brings me to a silent place of memory and longing.  Always bringing tears, especially when looking at my Christmas tree. 
My inner child squeals in delight when I hear Bennie and the Jets, my favorite childhood song. 
This song reminds me there is something deep inside that wants to be heard. When I first heard Paul Potts sing Nessun Dorma, I cried. I felt this place in him. I felt it in me. 

As a teenager, I loved to be alone, spending hours in my room listening to classical music and drawing.  I listen to classical music now. It touches a familiar place, but not from this life.  From another.  This piece by Mozart is a favorite.  
In Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, I hear the love and sadness he has for our Earth.  It speaks to my own as I witness the rape of our land.  The crying earth.. this weeping shore.  Sing it, Michael. May it inspire us all to live from our heart and see our planet as a living being that we are all apart of so we nourish her.  
What songs move you? What songs speak to the deepest part of you, inspiring you to live it?
Today’s Soul Tip:

Make space for music. Let it move you. Inspire you. Awaken you.  It has the power to transform us.  Make us better, if even for a short while.  

One thought on “>Music For My Soul

  1. >Awesome post Nikki! Music is a powerful way to communicate and activate deep-seated emotions which allow us to go back and relive aspects of our lives that have touched the innermost parts of our souls. You have good taste in music;) Thank you for activating some of my precious memories!Ciao,~Miriam

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