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Jean Houston says in this video, “You contain within you many different personalities.”  How right she is.  Those of you who follow my posts, know I sometimes process through, what Jean Houston is calling “personalities.”  I often call them parts, as many of us do without really knowing what we are saying. For instance, have you not said, “Well, I have this part that does like this, but I also have this part that doesn’t.”  Very recently, I called one of my parts, Sergeant Williamson.

Sergeant Williamson has taught me a valuable lesson about all of my “parts.” They like to keep me close.
What’s interesting is I would never ever thrive with a man who held me too close. Who hovered. Who treated me as a possession. And yet, those little villains I create do this of me all the time. It is of course by my design.

I used to say to my husband, “You give me too much rope. Lucky I am who I am, or I would hang myself with it.”  I thought the same of my father.  Both of these very important men in my life do not hover. Do not even ask a lot of questions. They give me space. They are there when I need them. They offer a compassionate ear for listening and hold a mirror to see myself.  There was a time, though their long rope made me feel abandoned.  As a young girl who turned into a young woman, I wanted to know there was a strong man holding the end of that rope so I wouldn’t fall.

In my abandoned state, I cast different personalities. Their direction from me is the same: Keep me close. Keep me safe. Keep me hidden away. But, to continue to give such direction will force my fall. Therefore,  I do declare: I no longer want to be kept close (oooh, a little scary to say). I no longer want to be kept safe I no longer want to be hidden away.  I want to be let go.

The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground. ~Trungpa Rinpoche

Yes, there is no ground. I cannot fall.  Only space. And I thrive in lots of space.  I don’t need the rope. Never had the rope.  Only imagined the rope. Therefore the fear no one was on the other end, was an illusion. The expectation and belief I needed that- a lie.  I am cutting myself loose.  To be free.  To be whole. To be more of who I am meant to be.  
Today’s Soul Tip:

Inside you, is a festival of personalities. For some, this may sound like crazy talk, but I advise the exploration into the festivities. The goal: cooperation and congruency so you may come to experience your higher state of clarity and fluidity.   These parts already know how to work together. What’s needed is conscious investigation, participation, facilitation and direction from us. 

In a few weeks, I will be launching a site, inviting and detailing this conscious exploration in more depth.


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