>The Journey of My Writing Contest


American at Brand in Glendale, CA

For the past several weeks, I have been entering trips I’ve taken around Southern California to win a writing contest. Today is the final day. I would love to have your support for the recent trips I have submitted. All you must do is go to the links below and click the ‘save’ button on each trip.

I truly appreciate your support:

My first trip, hiking in La Tuna Canyon Park

My trip to In-n-Out Burger

My trip to the Library

My trip to Santa Monica Beach

My Trip to the Americana Shopping Experience

My trip to Randy’s Donuts

My trip to Lucille’s BBQ

My Trip to Griffith Park

My Trip to The Grove

My Trip to Roscoe’s

As you can tell I like to eat…..

Thanks Much.


The Soul Reporter

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