>When Two Or More Are Gathered….

>Recently I sent a letter to author, Laura Munson who I have been following since I read her best-selling memoir, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness

As I composed the letter, I felt needy and co-dependent and those voices told me she would not have time for me.  For sure she is out signing books and doing interesting interviews and would not have time for a non-published writer worrying about how to get her career started.  But, I had corresponded with her before. She is open, honest, real- but still probably too busy.

I sent my letter anyway.  I would have never imagined the response she gave. She wrote an honest and inspiring letter she decided might be helpful to all writers.  She has posted our exchange on her blog.  This experience has helped me to understand what happens when two or more are gathered and what can happen when we detach from the outcome and express ourselves in true and honest ways.

 It is a wonderful post, and I do hope you will follow the link and read and share with others:

Dear, Nikki.

I know people don’t use “Dear” anymore in emails, but to you, from me, sisters in words, it is “dear.” Thank you for reaching out to me in your very candid and honest letter. It takes guts to reach out to published authors, especially when their work has touched you….. to continue go to http://lauramunson.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/letter-to-a-young-blogger/

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