>The Kind of Faith….


Our California Christmas Tree~
created during the weekend of domestic bliss

The Thanksgiving domestic “bliss” is over and I am glad.  There was a time when all things domestic pleased my soul.  I had a large home; a perfect laundry room and kitchen. Oversized closets and a large jacuzzi tub.  Life on the outside was good.

Today, life on the inside is better than ever, but life on the outside- not quite there yet.  I caught a snippet from a Wayne Dyer CD.  He says the birds sing before the dawn.  They know the sun is going to rise and sing their song. This, he says is the kind of faith we need to have. I resonate with this for the first time.

I find myself singing, even giggling inside about my current exterior situation.  I’m living on the edge, especially financially, but I don’t care.  The old me would never allow such behavior.  I can see the nodding heads of the nay-sayers, and I don’t care.   My hair hasn’t been cut and dyed in months. I live in a house for two when we have four. I have no income coming in (yet). My husband is unemployed (for now). My knees hurt.  I feel frumpy.  I’ve no friends. I stay inside.  Not sure if there will be toys under the tree.  And yet….

I feel good where it counts.  This is the kind of faith I do have, and it didn’t happen overnight.

Today’s Soul Tip:

Even though my exterior life has yet to shine, I am a proponent of moving forward into what scares you the most; for getting yourself highly uncomfortable and out of the safe zone.  I have a feeling a lot more in our exterior worlds, both globally and personally are going to collapse.  And as they do, you need the kind of faith that makes you sing right before the new dawn.

The Soul Reporter

2 thoughts on “>The Kind of Faith….

  1. >Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. If you can keep the faith with all you have been through, then you are closer to your truth than most.Having the inside right is most important because that is the self you take with you from state to state or city to city.Great short post.OBMONamaste

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