>How Can I Help?

>How do you feel when you hear these words,  “How can I help?”  If someone approached you on the street and asked you this question, what might you say? If you asked yourself, how you might help yourself, what answer might you give?

Mrs. Clarissa Walker is my grandmother-in-law.  In 1968, she was recruited to work with Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis.  In almost 40 years of employment with Sabathani, she housed, fed, clothed and did the taxes of low income people in the community and beyond.  When I called the center, looking for my boyfriend (who is now my husband), her grandson, “Chucky,” she answered the phone, “How can I help?”  Even at a young age, this question always struck me.

This question defines the spirit of Mrs. Walker. She not only asked, “How can I Help?” but she responded to those needs.  Now, Mrs. Walker is unable to respond to those needs, and the community has lost the generosity she gave so freely.

On November 6, is Mrs. Walker’s Birthday. She will be 79.  To honor her spirit, my husband, Charles Rogers has created The National “How Can I Help” Day.  On this day, we remember how good it feels to give. We ask the question, “How Can I Help?”, and we open our eyes and perk up our ears and see where there is a need, and respond. It can be as simple as opening a door for a stranger or donating money to a cause.  You may also choose to ask yourself, How you can I help myself.  We often neglect to do what would make us feel good, and when we feel good we can’t help but to spread that goodness.

Today’s Soul Tip:

Light that Giving fire. It feels good. Begin to live this question everyday, and see your world open up. 

If this Day of “How Can I Help” resonates with you, share it.  We see this vision spreading like gentle wildfire through our homes, communities and beyond.  It will become a day we cultivate and honor not just once a year, but every day. We are all here together, and when we are down and out, we might like to hear, “How Can I Help?”  

For more information on Mrs. Walker, go to these links:

In 2004, she was given the Preus award, an award which recognizes individuals who are true servants.

A Blog Post by her grandson, Charles Rogers

On Facebook? Become a Fan of Mrs. Walker’s Page and stay updated on National “How Can I Help” Day on November 6.  A place for you to share how you helped.

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One thought on “>How Can I Help?

  1. >I love the honoring of your grandmother -in-law with How can I help day. I think Ram Dass wrote a book with that title. I know when I help that is one of the sure ways that I feel good in the world.

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