>Up, Breath, Down, Breath….Up, Breath, Down, Breath…. A Hiking Experience

>We hit another obstacle today.  It brought up the not so old feelings of discouragement, which tends to instantaneously build a wall where my passion, positive outlook and drive hide behind.  So, I went for a walk.

Walking in nature has always been my medicine and since I moved to Los Angeles, I haven’t walked.  But, I’ve been wondering where the trails are.  Carrying this question inside me, people have told me of places to hike, and I found the parking place and trail for the mountain near my house.  I went there today instead of ruminating over the obstacle. 
Here are some of the lessons I learned on my hike today:
Walking up a steep path takes heart
Listen to Ipod on the way up and on the way down to drown out traffic noise.

Take off Ipod to enjoy the Silence

For the trail ahead leave earlier, carry water, buy walking stick, and know even if I don’t need the walking stick it will be fun to buy a new gadget.

A higher perspective about the obstacles below eases pressures and fears.

Trashing our Planet isn’t cool.

There is sweetness in the darndest of places.

Walking down a steep path takes skill.

Maybe it is because I am in a new place. Or that I have new eyes.  
Every where I go I am in awe of what I see.
Everyday some new experience.
I desire to always see life in this way.

I used to think hiking up was the greatest challenge.
Hiking down is a challenge too.
Being in the ‘space of plateau’ is also a challenge.
It is a beautiful place to catch a breath, but to stay too long undermines what we are capable of.

I will hike here often.  
I will go up and down. I will take a breath.
I will be distracted. And I will listen.

I will be challenged. And I will grow.

The Soul Reporter

2 thoughts on “>Up, Breath, Down, Breath….Up, Breath, Down, Breath…. A Hiking Experience

  1. >I liked the format of pictures with lessons. Cool post and cool poem. Your post reminds me of the famous Einstein quote. "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."Namaste

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