>The Pursuit is All the Same

“It is because we don’t have any real challenge in life that most of us do not grow to our real height. We need a challenge that is worthy of our capacities, and making money, if I may say so, is not much of a challenge. Neither is becoming famous or achieving power.” ~Eknath Easwaran

This has been the thought of my day. I read it in a daily passage book, Words to Live by, by Mr. Easwaran. What he does believe is the real challenge worth moving toward, is becoming rich in personal relationships, learning to return love for hatred, and always being aware of the unity of life. These he says are the most difficult achievements on the face of the earth.
Here is another thought of my day. From Wynonna Judd, “Money is nice, she said, “because it gives you choices.” A nice choice she has thanks to money, is living with her family on a one-thousand acre ranch. They call it Peaceful Valley, and it is amazing. I put myself in her shoes, taking my little golf cart to the lake where I sit in peace whenever I want. Where I can take a couple minute drive to visit my mom, and have a holiday or weekend meal with her. I want that, my inner self cries.

Wynonna has gone through her own personal pain, but one thing, at least in my mind that she doesn’t have to worry about is money. She has it, and therefore has choices that others who don’t, don’t. One of those choices is the gift/luxury of learning about oneself. When we are always thinking of money, bills and basic necessities we often don’t think of those higher and deeper aspirations within us. This goes back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs- Self-Actualization being at the top.
So, what does what Wynona said have to do with what Eknath said? Well, in my mind, at least in the beginning of the day, these two ideas seemed in conflict. When I read Eknath’s statement, I had a sort of smug response. Yes, this is why my life is so hard, but I might be better off because I do not pursue those superficial tendencies for wealth and power. I go deeper. It’s more complicated down there, but my “achievements” will be greater and more substantial.
But when I heard Wynona, I couldn’t agree more. And I want money, especially now.
Perceived conflict always leads to a process. Here’s mine- money does give choices, but ultimately it is we, ourselves who give choices and our outer circumstances do not matter. If we don’t have enough money, it is our choice to make more. Having money, or pursuing money is not the most noble. I am sure we can all agree there. Pursuing our purpose and releasing our talent is more noble, and often money will come from this pursuit. And finally no matter what we do, whether it is to pursue money or power or our purpose, the ulitmate pursuit drives it all. The pursuit of Self-Realization. The pursuit of Inner Freedom. The pursuit of enlightenment.
This pursuit goes on whether we are conscious of it or not, but if we are- we will understand that all of our desires, all of our pursuits are to bring us closer to that love, which overcomes hatred; to that unity; to richer relationships with ourselves and others. By understanding this we can achieve balance in our material and spiritual worlds. We need money, yes. But, we are here for much more than creating material wealth. We are here to recognize our spiritual wealth, and to offer it to others.
There truly is no separation. It is all one. We are all one. And gosh, I hope this made some sort of sense.
The Soul Reporter

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