>Joy, joy, joy
Even if the birds don't sing

Joy, joy, joy
Even when your life is caving in

Joy, joy, joy
No matter what life brings

Stepping into joy no matter what our external circumstance is a step
on the spirritual path. For me, it has been a spiritual pursuit,
perhaps a lofty goal, but I know now it can happen.

The ground before me- the life I have known is crumbling. I have asked
for this. I have dreamt of bigger things. And now it is time for new
life to begin.

It is easy to say the key phrases of self- help and spirituality- such
as, let go, surrender, be in the moment, be in the unknown- when we
are comfortable and under the illusion of stable ground. It is quite
another to surrender, let go, be in the moment when we are in the

But here is what I am learning- there is a certain kind of joy that is
present when the ground is crumbling beneath us. It's a joy that
invites us to throw up our arms, invite in the possibilities and if we
like, we can scream like hell as we fall into the unknown future,
which may feel like a black hole. But through this hole is the
potential of present moments longed for, and the stability of our own
Soul. Our own Being. Our True Self.

I will go there. Sometimes I am there- one step at a time.


The Soul Reporter

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