>In the S P A C E


Everything in the universe has a rhythm. Everything dances. ~Maya Angelou

I am always amazed, if given the space, I return to my natural rhythm. Today (Friday), I have the day off from my job as Special Education Assistant. Immediately after returning home from dropping my children off at school, I created a breakfast, which expressed a balanced and healthy rhythm.

Then I grabbed a glass I never use and poured fresh water, dropping in a fresh, sweet, Meyer lemon.
I went to my altar space to meditate.
And headed to the studio above my garage to write, create, file and play.
For lunch, I sauteed Bok Choy and mushrooms.
And went for a walk in the woods by my house, stopping for a moment to listen to the birds.
I realize I need these moments of s p a c e, more than I often realize. What causes the greatest unease in my world is ingesting the out of balance and out of sync rhythm of our current society. The energy is frantic, sometimes lazy. It’s un-enthused. Un-energetic. Dull. Complacent. Chaotic. Scared. Filled with melancholy. It’s fast. Scattered. Lost. Isolating. And constant, with little rest or relief from it all. And, unfortunately, this way of being is unconscious to most of us.
We sense in a certain way something isn’t right, but can’t quite put our finger on it. For how could we- there’s no time. No space, for inner-self-reflection. But there is a rhythm, I assure you, past the chaos, confusion, and melancholy; a rhythm that refreshes and restores.
I share this short photo essay with you today as a reminder of the beauty, simplicity and wonder that is us- that is our rhythm when we allow space into our moments- to just be. To simply allow. No agendas. No schedules. Just be me time, remembering what is feels like to just live for own inner happiness.
The Soul (s p a c e) Reporter

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