>Creating Space for Rest


Investigating Rest:
When I woke up today I was feeling heavy and tired; a disappointment because for the past few weeks I have been feeling light and energetic. The fatigue might have had something to do with not getting my full 8 hours over the weekend, being busy, and baking two homemade, gluten-free pies, and strawberry rhubarb crisp.
I tend to do this energetic marathon where I do everything and than fall over. But there was a time when I would not allow myself to fall over. I just kept pushing. But today I allowed my body to rest, and after work I took a 3-hour nap.
Rest is essential, yet we resist it. It isn’t honored in our society as the essential ingredient to our success as evolving and transforming human beings. I am reading a book, My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is the Neuroanatomist who suffered a stroke and wrote about her experience. A necessary ingredient in her healing was sleep. Because she had lost most of her skills from her left hemisphere, learning the information again was draining. She understood sleep was essential to the integration, and therefore usefulness of this information.
As we go through our days, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are ingesting tons of information. Allowing ourselves to rest helps us sort, process and integrate it. It is also absolutely necessary when we are trying to manifest an outcome or vision for our lives.
To manifest, first we must create the vision (right brain). Then we must realize the details of this vision, and organize it so we can implement it (left brain). And then we must rest so that integration, and the mystery of the universe can unfold and work it’s magic within us. When we are rested we will hear the guidance, which will produce the vision we have seen for our selves, and our lives.
Are you tired? Are you getting enough rest? What are some of the ways your body tells you, it is tired? (I know for me if I am craving sugar I am tired) Is it okay for you to be tired? Do you give yourself permission to rest?
A reminder:
While you pursue your dreams, visions and outcomes, please don’t forget to rest. Allow it. You will find increased energy if you let go, and create space for rest.
The Soul Reporter

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